Our visit to the Temples of Angkor Wat

  • 1507-Temples-of-Angkor_28
    The classic postcard shot of Ta Prohm
  • 1507-Temples-of-Angkor_29
    Reconstruction ongoing at Ta Prohm
  • 1507-Temples-of-Angkor_3
    Banteay Srei
  • 1507-Temples-of-Angkor_4
    Banteay Samre
  • 1507-Temples-of-Angkor_5
    Banteay Samre
  • 1507-Temples-of-Angkor_6
    Gatway to Angkor Wat
  • 1507-Temples-of-Angkor_7
    Rock carvings along the walls of Angkor Wat - amazing artwork
  • 1507-Temples-of-Angkor_9
  • 1507-Temples-of-Angkor_10
    Close-up of rock carvings
  • 1507-Temples-of-Angkor_11
    Outside view of one of the towers
  • 1507-Temples-of-Angkor_12
    Four of the five towers shortly before sunset.
  • 1507-Temples-of-Angkor_13
    Angkor Wat as seen from Phnom Bakheng
  • 1507-Temples-of-Angkor_14
    These guys will take you up the hill to watch the sunset
  • 1507-Temples-of-Angkor_16
  • 1507-Temples-of-Angkor_17
    Tales carved into the rock
  • 1507-Temples-of-Angkor_18
    Again breathtaking how many rocks had to be carried here
  • 1507-Temples-of-Angkor_19
    Characteristic for Bayon: the many faces (over 200) carved into the rock
  • 1507-Temples-of-Angkor_20
  • 1507-Temples-of-Angkor_21
    Approaching Baphuon
  • 1507-Temples-of-Angkor_23
    At the top of Baphuon
  • 1507-Temples-of-Angkor_24
    Entrance to Ta Prohm
  • 1507-Temples-of-Angkor_25
    Inside Ta Prohm
  • 1507-Temples-of-Angkor_26
    Nature has clearly left its mark
  • 1507-Temples-of-Angkor_27
  • 1507-Temples-of-Angkor_1
    Pre Rup

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