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Praia da Maiata near Porto da Cruz

A Weekend on Madeira

Note: I took this trip in February 2020, just about a month before travel came to a standstill in Europe. Back in July 2019 I was casually browsing the web when I stumbled upon an incredible air fare to Madeira. You know, one of those offers where you actually feel...

View from Senglea towards Birgu

Malta – Truly Mediterranean

January in Northern Europe – the Christmas excitement is over but the weather is still far from good. Perfect timing to soak in a bit of sun in the Mediterranean. While I have no (current) ambitions of ever visiting every country on the planet, I do make an effort to...


Jeddah – Saudi Arabia is open for Tourism

For a very long time the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has been notoriously difficult for tourists to visit. Unless you had a business invitation or intended to visit for religious reasons, you had practically no chance to enter the country. After a brief exemption for a racecar event about...

Matera – the Underground City

Our 10 day Puglia trip was nearing its end. After a relaxing couple of days in and around Ostuni, it was time for our final stop. After a drive through lovely Martina Franca and a stop in Mottola for lunch, we arrived mid-afternoon in Matera. The city has a very...



From Sternatia and Lecce we headed back up north into Brindisi province for our next base, Ostuni. We stayed there for another three nights and explored the charming town and the surrounding area. Apparently in peak season the city’s population can swell up from 32’000 people to over 100’000. We...


Next Stop: Salento

After three nights in Monopoli we headed south for our next base in Salento. We briefly considered staying in the region’s capital city of Lecce but again decided for a smaller town, or in this case village, instead. Thanks to another blog, we came across the town of Sternatia with...


Monopoli and surrounding towns

We set up our first base of our Puglia road trip in the charming town of Monopoli. We had no appetite of staying in a major city like Bari and Brindisi where parking could be a nightmare. Monopoli was the perfect mix of picturesque old town, quick access to the...


Road Trip through Puglia – Introduction

Fall was approaching quickly and with it typical rainy weather in Switzerland. Time to escape for a little to somewhere nice and warm. I usually manage to make a compelling case with my wife to go somewhere far away and exotic at this time of year. Somehow that did not...

Fiat Tagliero Building

Weekend trip to Asmara

I’ve been fascinated by places with an unusual colonial history, leading to a special mix of culture and architecture. Examples of this on the blog are the former German colony of Qingdao in China or Portuguese traces in Dili / East Timor. Italy never had many colonies. You could say...

Must be the police elite

Receiving Complaints Unit

Seen in Giza at the pyramids… I wonder whether it is an honor to be promoted to the Receiving Complaints Unit. I hope they do get their fair share of complaints about the handling of camels and horses near the pyramids.