Monthly Archive: August 2019

Must be the police elite

Receiving Complaints Unit

Seen in Giza at the pyramids… I wonder whether it is an honor to be promoted to the Receiving Complaints Unit. I hope they do get their fair share of complaints about the handling of camels and horses near the pyramids.

Pyramid of Khafre

Cairo – Mother of the Earth

Cairo. Around 20m people. One world’s largest cities and the largest in the Middle East. I’ve been wanting to visit this unique city for its rich history and finally managed to plan a trip. The political situation has been fragile and tourists numbers have dwindled, only to recently pick up...

Alexandria Corniche

Alexandria – Mediterranean Egypt

After spontaneously changing my travel plans from Turkmenistan to Egypt, I found myself, around 12 hours after booking the flight, arriving at Alexandria’s swanky new Borg El Arab International Airport shortly before midnight. The very first impression was: lots (and I mean LOTS) of men in white uniforms. I was...

Flame Towers seen from the Maiden Tower

Baku – Azerbaijan

Ever since my trip to the “Stans” three years ago, I’ve been wanting to go back to that part of the world. Back then I did not get a visa in time for a visit to Turkmenistan, so that has remained on the bucket list. The chance presented itself head...