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Today’s tourist density is comfortable

Seen recently on my trip to Hangzhou at the Leifeng Pagoda. Luckily, the tourist density was comfortable on the day we were there. I don’t want to know what the other levels are.

Hangzhou: the food did not disappoint

I was looking forward to the food in Hangzhou and sure was not disappointed. Over the two days we did not have a single meal that wasn’t tasty. But then again, we did not go too experimental as one could and you will see below. Another night we had dinner...

Hangzhou: a walk around West Lake and Hefang Street

In late November two friends asked whether I was interested in a weekend in China before year end. I really liked my time in Qingdao a few months ago  and quickly agreed. It was a very spontaneous idea and the initial plan was to go to Shanghai. However when we started...