Go with the what?

Hi. I am Flo.

These pages are supposed to serve as a repository of places I have been to or things I have experienced while on the road. These are mostly events or places I can recommend but I’ll also throw in the occasional item where I warn fellow travellers. But first and foremost it is a diary of sorts for myself to refer back to.

I have a thing for exotic travel destinations, excellent food and a good deal. My travel style is considered unusual by some as I don’t mind spending long hours in a crowded minivan or cramped economy seat even for a short trip. It’s the little things that are rewarding.

Back in my students days I was a die-hard backpacker. I’d haggle over every rupee with the rickshaw driver, even when ill. I’d go halfway across the city again if I found the Lonely Planet recommended hostel to have spiked in price. A few years into the working life I have partially come to my senses. I value certain things more such as room-types other than 10-bed dorms. While the backpack is still the quintessential travel item for me, I do splurge here and there nowadays.

So I hope you enjoy reading about my travels and find some inspiration.

best regards,