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Must be the police elite

Receiving Complaints Unit

Seen in Giza at the pyramids… I wonder whether it is an honor to be promoted to the Receiving Complaints Unit. I hope they do get their fair share of complaints about the handling of camels and horses near the pyramids.

Sometimes airlines just shouldn’t bother…

Airlines like to use slogans like “includes valuable frequent traveler miles” in their advertising. Sometimes they just shouldn’t bother. Singapore Airlines’ KrisFlyer Miles program gives 10% for the lowest fare buckets. I think they would do better just giving 0% instead. This is what I received on a cheap ticket...

Maldivian Idol

Remember that trashy <put your country here> Idol show who looked for the x-th time for someone who can sing and then we all forgot about that superstar again after they hit the charts once? And remember how the show went to the Maldives for one episode since… well, who doesn’t like...

A unique approach to university marketing

I normally associated university marketing by highlighting quality, for example through accreditation or rankings. The Maldives Business School takes a different approach… by saying you’re simply quicker if you choose them. Not sure whether that’s a criteria for me.

The Night Guard of the Indian Heritage Centre

A few months back, the Indian Heritage Centre opened here in Little India. If you haven’t been, I can highly recommend it. I was passing by it the other night and had to smile at what looked like the night guard at the (beautiful) front door:

World’s smallest wine menu?

I just got back from a trip to Qingdao in China and will have some good stories and photos to share. In the mean time, here is what has to be the world’s smallest wine menu. Which makes sense if you consider that Qingdao is famous for its beer…