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Watching ‘Kabali’ – this year’s Kollywood blockbuster

Most of you are probably familiar with Bollywood movies. However, what few non-Indians know is that besides the Bollywood movies coming from Mumbai, there is a second movie capital in Chennai. The Tamil film industry, nicknamed Kollywood after the Kodambakkam area of Chennai, is famours for its movies with action and...

Impressions from the Thaipusam procession in Singapore

This past weekend the Hindu festival of Thaipusam was celebrated in Singapore (as a matter of fact, everywhere with a sizable Tamil population). I had missed it last year and wanted to make sure to get a glimpse at it this time. I won’t go into much detail regarding the...

The Night Guard of the Indian Heritage Centre

A few months back, the Indian Heritage Centre opened here in Little India. If you haven’t been, I can highly recommend it. I was passing by it the other night and had to smile at what looked like the night guard at the (beautiful) front door: