Monthly Archive: November 2018

Oval Forum and Cardo Maximus

Jerash, Ajloun Castle, As-Salt

With a rental car (we used Monte Carlo and can recommend them), we started driving north towards Jerash. Throughout the country the roads were in very good condition and self-driving is not an issue at all. Apart from the far too frequent (and often not very visible) speed bumps, we...

Roman Theatre

Wandering around Amman

Most international visitors to Jordan are likely to fly into Amman (there is a small international airport by the Red Sea in Aqaba and another option across the border in Israel). We arrived at the lovely hour of 2am. While not ideal to start your vacation, the upside was that...

Wadi Rum

Roadtrip through Jordan: Introduction

When deciding on our vacation destination for late October, we were looking for something accessible from Europe without a longhaul flight, yet still warm. Something somewhat off the beaten path, yet not too exotic. A destination with history, good food but also beach. We finally narrowed down our choices to...