Singapore’s ethnic malls: Penninsula Plaza (Myanmar)

This post is the first in a series about Singapore’s numerous shopping malls that function as the gathering spot for the many different ethnics here.

As of end of 2011, Singapore had a non-resident population of 1.60 million in addition to the 3.34m citizens and 0.53m permanent residents. The majority of these residents are from South-East Asian countries. There is a strong bond among the different foreign nationalities in Singapore, with each having their own gathering spot to meet, each, drink and stock up on supplies from their home country.

If you are interested in the different cultures of the regions, you will find these places worthwhile visiting. These posts are not supposed to be detailled guides but rather just an overview and inspiration. At the end of the day, most of these ethnic centres don’t have a particular sight worth visiting, but are rather best spent discovering without expecations.

The first post vists Penninsula Plaza, Singapore’s Little Burma. Situated near City Hall, the place offers all kinds of Burmese products and services. Countless travel agencies, mini markets, Paan seller’s (the areca nut wrapped in a betel leaf), Burmese newspapers and literature and even agencies for maids.

There is one restaurant that I’d say has some atmosphere – Inle Lake. The others… let’s just say they focus more on the food. One I really like is the Mandalay Cafe (don’t let the “Cafe” in its name fool you). If you go, try the Shan Rice Noodles (3 Coleman Street, #B1-29, Peninsula Shopping Center, 179804 Singapore).






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