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Jeddah – Saudi Arabia is open for Tourism

For a very long time the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has been notoriously difficult for tourists to visit. Unless you had a business invitation or intended to visit for religious reasons, you had practically no chance to enter the country. After a brief exemption for a racecar event about...

Oval Forum and Cardo Maximus

Jerash, Ajloun Castle, As-Salt

With a rental car (we used Monte Carlo and can recommend them), we started driving north towards Jerash. Throughout the country the roads were in very good condition and self-driving is not an issue at all. Apart from the far too frequent (and often not very visible) speed bumps, we...

Wadi Rum

Roadtrip through Jordan: Introduction

When deciding on our vacation destination for late October, we were looking for something accessible from Europe without a longhaul flight, yet still warm. Something somewhat off the beaten path, yet not too exotic. A destination with history, good food but also beach. We finally narrowed down our choices to...