The food court at Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok

I recently flew from Bangkok’s Don Mueang Airport, by now the world’s largest low cost carrier airport. While you can get to many places for relatively little, you won’t be able to find a decently priced Thai (or any other cuisine) meal.

Magic Food Park at Don Mueang Airport

Magic Food Park at Don Mueang Airport

There is however a very good food court, hidden from the public eye. When in Terminal 2, go to the arrivals level and walk towards the car park at the very end of the building. You’ll then see a 7-Eleven as well as a sign for the “Magic Food Park”. Just around the corner, you’ll find it.

Signage for the Magic Food Park at Don Mueang Airport

Signage for the Magic Food Park at Don Mueang Airport

It works on a coupon system whereby you buy a booklet of coupons at the cashier and use them to order from the dozen or so stalls. Mostly Thai food but I saw some Chinese, Indian and Western stalls as well. Meals are 50-80 Baht vs. 250 Baht upwards in the terminal. It is maybe a three minute walk from Terminal 2’s check-in area.

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2 Responses

  1. Larry Y says:

    The directions are completely WRONG! The food court is near Terminal 1, NOT Terminal 2. After you exit Terminal 1, turn right. Keep walking for abt 200m and you’ll see the food court. You’ll pass a few banks on your right.

  2. Larry says:

    Ooops, my bad. There is a second Magic Food Park in Terminal 2. 2nd floor, one floor up from domestic arrivals. As you exit the domestic arrivals area, turn left and go up the escalator. Then go straight and turn right at the end of the corridor.

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