Changi Airport: Western food at the canteen before your flight

I try to restrict the restaurant reviews on this blog as much as possible because I think there are plenty of resources out there dedicated to that. What I will continue to point out however are food spots off the beaten path that may not be well covered yet, such as the recent review of a fantastic sushi place in Taipei.

Changi airport has countless restaurants both before and after security and nobody will go hungry. While prices are mostly reasonable considering it is an airport, they are higher than what you would pay downtown. One option that is priced similar regular prices are the staff canteens. I’ll cover them in a future post, I’d like to point out one gem. The Terminal 2 canteen has a Western stall called Wild Olives that is well known amongst the airport community. Generally I am not a fan of Western food in Singaporean food courts as it usually equates to pork chops with french fries or mediocre spaghetti bolognaise.

Wild Olives is different. There are creative and well executed pasta dishes as well as a range of pan-fried dish & chicken dishes. Additionally there is a range of side-dishes such as mushroom rice, coleslaw or salad that are all tasty. Prices range from S$3.50-6.00.

To get there, go to Terminal 2 departures and at the far right of the terminal take the escalator up one floor (near Starbucks). Go to the right towards the parking lot and you’ll see the sign. Wild Olives is easy to find as it is usually the stall with the longest queue.

If you’re early for your flight, this is an option I would recommend if you’re after good food at cheap prices (don’t go there for the atmosphere).

Pan-fried fish with mushroom rice and coleslaw

Pan-fried fish with mushroom rice and coleslaw


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