Pulau Tioman: seafood!

While our journey to and from Pulau Tioman was not exactly relaxing, once we were there we had a great time. The island is beautiful and you really feel like your “away”.

While our hotel was beautiful, we felt like we wanted to experience a bit more local kampung (village) flavor for dinner. We found just that at Warong Syahirah BBQ Seafood, as small street-side restaurant in the village of Tekek.

We were a group of eight and ordered a combination of fish head curry, black pepper prawns, grilled fish, jumbo prawns and then some more. All dishes were very tasty and made up for the typical halogen light bulb atmosphere. All in all we ended up spending a very reasonable MYR227 (€58).



...grill & wait..

…grill & wait..

... enjoy the black pepper prawns

… enjoy the black pepper prawns

grilled fish

grilled fish

Everything at a very reasonable price

Everything at a very reasonable price


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