Road Trip through Puglia – Introduction

Fall was approaching quickly and with it typical rainy weather in Switzerland. Time to escape for a little to somewhere nice and warm. I usually manage to make a compelling case with my wife to go somewhere far away and exotic at this time of year. Somehow that did not work out this year (not sure whether I was not convincing enough?). After some back and forth, we settled on a road trip through Italy’s Puglia province. Numerous factors contributed to our decision:

  • off-season (always a must for me)
  • weather was still supposed to be okay-ish (it turned out to be great)
  • small distances to drive
  • several towns to base ourselves in for a couple of days
  • of course we knew the food would not disappoint
  • easy to reach from Switzerland with several direct flights
  • not as crowded with tourists (yet) as other parts of Italy
Matera - a unique town
Matera – a unique town

We settled on a 10 day itinerary with three three night stays and a one night stay. We would fly into Bari and leave again from Naples.

DayPlace / ActivitiesTransportAccomodation
1MonopoliFly into Bari (BRI)Orazio33 (AirBnB)
2Day trip to Polignano a Mare and the beachRental carOrazio33 (AirBnB)
3Day trip to Alberobello and LocorotondoRental carOrazio33 (AirBnB)
4Lunch in Brindisi, evening shopping in LecceRental car, train into LecceAirBnB in Sternatia
5Day trip to GallipoliRental carAirBnB in Sternatia
6Day trip to Otranto, CastroRental carAirBnB in Sternatia
7Lunch in Torre Santa Sabina, OstuniRental carAirBnB in Ostuni
8Hiking near Cisternino, Rental carAirBnB in Ostuni
9BeachRental carAirBnB in Ostuni
10Martina Franca, lunch in Mottola, MateraRental carAirBnB in Matera
11Drive to NaplesFly back-

I’ll be grouping some of the towns together based on where we had our “base”: Monopoli, Sternatia (near Lecce), Ostuni and Matera. I hope you’ll enjoy reading about Puglia as much as we did exploring.

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    […] set up our first base of our Puglia road trip in the charming town of Monopoli. We had no appetite of staying in a major city like Bari and […]

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