Singapore: tailor made clothes – level II

One of the more visited post on this blog is the one of Lai En Shirts Manufacturer. I’ve gone back multiple times for pants (so far not for shirts) and have always been happy with price and product.

However their fabric selection for casual pants is rather limited. So recently I visited the People’s Park in Chinatown where there is a large number of fabric shops on level 2. The selection is vast and for about SGD30, you can purchase more than enough fabric for a pair of pants. Back at Lai En, they had no issue using the fabric I brought along and for a further SGD40 I got a pair of custom made pants.

Fabric shops at People's Park

Fabric shops at People’s Park

Fabric shop at People's Park

Fabric shop at People’s Park

While certainly not the quickest (and cheapest?) way to get tailor-made pants, it was fun choosing the fabric myself. If you are of the opinion that Lai En in Hougang is a bit too far away from Chinatown (and I tend to agree), there are tailors at People’s Park as well (for example, Four Seas Men’s Wear, #02-1100).

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