The Singapore Avocado Mystery

While Singapore doesn’t really grow many fruits or vegetables for obvious reasons, its neighbors north and south have huge plantations and grow just about anything possible. The local markets have an abundance of all kinds of fruits and vegetables from Malaysia and Indonesia.

However, one fruit that seems to be consistently absent from all markets here is the Indonesian avocado. And I care because it is one of my favorite fruits. Don’t get me wrong, I can get avocados in every supermarket here but they are always from Australia or the USA and the small kind with wrinkly skin and are expensive. They taste just fine but I just can’t understand why nobody sells the bigger and cheaper Indonesian version.

I only found out about the Indonesian avocado during my trip to Flores.

Indonesian avocado at the market in Bajawa, Flores

Indonesian avocado at the market in Bajawa, Flores

I mean, look at these avocados: huge, tasty and if I remember correctly, around SGD1 for a kilo.

Some of the best avocados I had in a long time

Some of the best avocados I had in a long time

After returning from Flores, I searched high and low for them. I found some (although not quite the same size) at Geylang Serai market. Unfortunately that market is closed until mid-November 2016 for renovation works.

Does anybody know why Indonesian avocados are not more prevalent in Singapore?

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11 Responses

  1. jay says:

    did you find them in sg?

  2. Flo says:

    I did not! At Geylang they have some Indonesian avocados but not the same quality.

    • Hartanto says:

      Would you be interested in importing Indonesian avocados? I have a direct link to a few avocado farms in Indonesia. Our avocados are big and juicy as you’ve tried yourselves on your visit to Indonesia.

  3. Louis Lum says:

    Hai hartanto ,
    I’m interesting in the bznes of avocado ,
    Can u pls give me ur phone no ,
    May b whatsapp is more easier ,
    Thanks ,
    Fr Louis Lum ,Malaysia ,
    Mobile/Whatsapp : +6011 1646 1565

  4. Janet Sim says:

    Hi am interested in importing Indonesia avocados to Singapore but can we communicate via WhatsApp +65 97431838

  5. Janet Sim says:

    Hi Hartanto am interested in Indonesia’s avocados and any chance we can discuss?
    Best can communicate via WhatsApp +65 97431838

  6. Ravi says:

    Indonesian avocadoes are not good for transport and keeping quality as they are thin-skinned. Hass avocado, with thick skin and more oil content (tasty) preferred for marketing and eating.

  7. Kevin G Widjaja says:

    Hi I am interested in importing avocados could you contact me via email? Thanks

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