My Central Asia itinerary

I thought some of you might be interested in my Central Asia itinerary as well as what I’d do differently next time, so here you go:


DayPlace / ActivitiesTransportAccomodation
1Wagah border, Golden Temple AmritsarScoot SIN-ATQHoliday Inn Ranjit Ave (5k points)
2TravelUzbekistan Airways ATQ-TAS-NCUHotel Jopek Joli (US$45)
3Savitsky Museum in Nukus, KhivaShared taxi (25k UZS/US$4)Meros B&B (US$25)
4TravelShared taxi (110k UZS/US$18)AirBnB (US$10)
5Explore BukharanoneAirBnB (US$10)
6Travel to SamarkandTrain (49k UZS/US$8)Hotel Minora (US$16)
7Explore SamarkandnoneHotel Minora (US$16)
8Travel to DushanbeShared taxi (315k UZS/US$50)AirBnB (US$17)
9DushanbenoneAirBnB (US$17)
10Drive all. day. long.Shared jeep (280 TJS/US$38)Lalmo's Homestay (US$10)
11KhorogNoneLalmo's Homestay (US$10)
12Khorog to MurghabJeep (500 TJS/US$66)Pamir Hotel (shared room - US$14 pp)
13Murghab to OshJeep (600 TJS/US$76)Biy Ordo Hotel (US$25)
14Bazaars in OshnoneBiy Ordo Hotel (US$25)
15Drive to ArslanbobBus (220 KGS / US$3.20)Guest House Nazira (US$10)
16Horseback riding around ArslanbobHorse (1'900 KGS / US$28)Guest House Nazira (US$10)
17Drive back to OshBus (220 KGS / US$3.20)Biy Ordo Hotel (US$8 dorm)
18OshnoneBiy Ordo Hotel (US$25)
19Fly back


Looking back, I would change a few things about the itinerary. I was contemplating staying at a yurt camp in Uzbekistan between in Bukhara and Samarkand which I ended up skipping. That’s probably something I’d do next time for one night.

The drive from Dushanbe to Khorog was beautiful but not enjoyable in a shared taxi. I should have made an effort to find other backpackers looking to share a car.

In the Pamir Mountains I somewhat regret not spending more time and for example going to the Saturday market in Iskashim where the Tajikistan-Afghanistan border is opened for the market without needing a visa. I also would have loved to do a detour between Khorog and Murghan and drive through the Tajik Wakhan Valley which everyone raved about that I’ve met. But again, since I was by myself it was difficult to fill up a car in order split the cost.

Towards the end I did have some more days in Kyrgyzstan than anticipated which is why I made a two-day trip to Arslanbob. This was mainly because I did not end up getting the Turkmenistan visa in time and hence had an additional four days.

All the accommodation was good. I used AirBnB twice, both of which were good experiences, although not necessarily so to meet other travelers. The first night in Nukus was overpriced for what it was.

Uzbekistan I found to be the most difficult country as single traveler. It was possible, no issue. However, I didn’t think there were as many independent travelers on the road as in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

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